The Astroverse Business Model focuses on providing substantial and sustainable returns to its members through monthly income generation. It primarily revolves around promoting health through the Astro Neptune dietary supplement products. The business model is designed to be easy to understand and use, consisting of just two straightforward steps:

Step 1: AGENT. In this step, you become an AGENT, responsible for taking care of yourself with the high-quality Astro Neptune products every month. You can choose to be a subscriber and share the positive results of using Astro Neptune products with others. By doing so, you will receive substantial compensation through marketing efforts, making it a rewarding experience.

Step 2: ASTRO MARKETER. Once you have successfully earned compensation as an AGENT through your marketing efforts, you can proceed to the next step, becoming an ASTRO MARKETER. As an ASTRO MARKETER, you will focus on increasing your income and building your customer base. You can leverage the 10 Super Service tools provided by Astroverse to support your business. These tools are designed to help you present the opportunities offered by Astroverses business model and the comprehensive health care provided through Astro Neptune products to other people. With the right tools and resources, you can effectively introduce the Astroverse business opportunity to others and continue to generate a steady income.

Overall, the Astroverse Business Model is an enticing opportunity for those seeking additional income that can turn into a stable and prosperous source of earnings. This is due to its key strengths, which include high-quality dietary supplement products aligned with current holistic health trends. Additionally, the business model is remarkably straightforward, with extensive technological support and a dedicated marketing team, as well as a wide array of media resources to assist you in achieving success in your business endeavors.


Benefits to be gained from engaging in the Astroverse

Benefits to be gained from engaging in the Astroverse business model include:

  1. Lucrative and Sustainable Income: The Astroverse business model provides an opportunity to increase your income every month by recommending Astro Neptune products to your social circle who are ready to embrace holistic health through our media and tools.
  2. Wealth Creation: Astro Neptune products are highly valuable health supplements that can also contribute to long-term wealth creation due to the strong demand in the health market for comprehensive health care.
  3. Business Skill Development: Engaging in the Astroverse business model helps you develop business skills such as communication, time management, and customer base building.
  4. Collaboration and Learning: This business model may lead to opportunities for learning and exchanging knowledge with experienced businesspeople, enhancing efficiency in your operations.
  5. Exclusive Benefits: Astroverse members may receive discounts and special privileges when purchasing Astro Neptune products that promote health.
  6. Customer Base and Trust Building: Engaging in the Astroverse concept can help build trust and confidence in products and other opportunities.

Overall, the Astroverse Business Model offers numerous benefits that can be considered based on the preferences and goals of each individual.


        The Astroverse Business Model provides us with the opportunity to pursue our business goals by recommending Astro Neptune dietary supplement products to people in our community who seek comprehensive health care. This goal is measured through the levels of success we achieve, serving as inspiration for self-development and a positive business experience.

        Measuring the level of success in the Astroverse Business Model is a tool that helps us clearly track and set goals for our business journey. It motivates us to prepare and improve ourselves for success in business. Additionally, the levels we conquer also serve as rewards and confirmations of our abilities in the business, contributing to our wealth.

        With this system, we receive various benefits, not only in terms of increased income and business opportunities but also in boosting our enthusiasm for personal development, ensuring success in business and steady growth.


Business Ethics: 

Business individuals in the Astroverse Business Model should adhere to ethical principles, emphasizing honesty, integrity, and practicing good values to build a growing and sustainable business community, including:

  1. Honesty and Integrity: Business individuals in the Astroverse Business should practice honesty and integrity in all aspects of their business operations. They should not engage in any unethical practices or attempt to conceal any mistake to gain an unfair advantage.
  2. Commitment to Agreements: Business individuals should diligently adhere to agreements and contracts they have entered into and take responsibility for fulfilling the commitments made to their partners or organization members.
  3. Responsibility for Products and Services: Business individuals should be dedicated to providing the highest quality and safest products and services for their customers. They should also take responsibility for addressing any defects or issues possibly arising.
  4. Respect and Empathy: Business individuals should respect differences and show empathy when working with others, including colleagues, customers, and partners.
  5. Social and Environmental Responsibility: Business individuals should be aware of the potential social and environmental impacts of their business activities and strive to ensure that these impacts are beneficial to everyone.
  6. Respect for Confidentiality and Personal Data: Business individuals should maintain the confidentiality and privacy of customer and member information and should not use this information inappropriately or without authorization.

Adhering to these ethical principles will help build trust and respect within the Astroverse Business organization and establish a solid foundation for success and prosperity in your business.

Membership Application

Online Membership Application

        Photocopies of valid national identification cards of the main applicant and joint applicant (if applicable) that have not expired with certified signature. In cases where a valid government officer card or drivers license for cars or motorcycles is used, and if the card does not specify the date of birth and the address according to the ID card, a copy of the household registration must be also attached each time.

        A photograph of the savings account passbook of the main applicant only. If you do not submit a copy of your bank passbook to us, you will not receive the income transfers (if there are other incomes, we will withhold your income and transfer it when you submit a copy of your bank passbook). We will notify you each time you log into the system with a message. If you have not submitted a copy of your bank passbook, please send a copy of your bank passbook to us.

       You must also specify your business ID code from your business ID card.

After becoming a member of ASTROVERSE, you will receive exclusive privileges that are exciting and worth your while, as follows:

  1. Membership Discounts: You will receive special discounts on the purchase of Astro Neptune products that promote your health, allowing you to take care of your well-being effectively.
  2. Opportunity to Participate in Development Projects: Astroverse may have development projects that help members enhance their skills and knowledge in various areas, such as time management, self-improvement, sales techniques, and more, to increase efficiency in their business endeavors.
  3. Courses and Seminars: You may have the privilege to attend courses and seminars related to business, which will help develop your skills and knowledge in business.
  4. Awards and Special Gifts: Astroverse may reward and provide special gifts to members who excel in their business endeavors or participate in organizational activities.
  5. Apparel Sets and Collectibles: You may receive special apparel sets or collectibles that symbolize your status within the Astroverse organization.

All of these are just a part of the privileges you will receive after joining Astroverse, aiming at supporting and encouraging your growth and success in the business.


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